Life Afield

Alaska Day 1

Day 1 – Sea, Salt and Coffee

6 am brought me out of my stateroom with a sense of curiosity.  I found the coffeemaker and discovered to my delight that all it needed was the push of a button!  I curled up in a soft chair beside the stove and looked around.

The Surveyor was a compelling blend of opulence, hominess and functionality.  The teak was beautiful, the appointments immaculate and the environment inviting.

The coffee was done brewing so I went on a hunt for my peculiar coffee additives – salted butter, maple syrup and heavy whipping cream.  I was beyond elated to discover all three in vast quantities in the galley!  If the coffee is any indication, this is going to be a phenomenal trip!!

Dale and Lori Adams, the owners of Adams Alaskan Safaris, arrived shortly after.  Lori blew in to the boat like a wave of spring.  A vase of gorgeous flowers in one hand and a carton of home-farmed duck eggs in the other.

I would come to know that these two items encapsulate Lori Adams.  Strong, smart, enterprising, tough and capable.  Also, beautiful, creative and vibrant like the flowers now sitting cheerily next to the coffeepot.

Dale Adams had all the indicators of not only a seasoned guide but an experienced mariner.  As I sat up in the pilot house watching the islands go by, I listened to him talk about the bears we were going to be hunting.  Their patterns (or lack there of, in many cases), physical characteristics and breeding habits, all were relayed and discussed.  I felt like I was in great hands for my first brown bear hunt!  The next 6 hours couldn’t come quickly enough!

We sat down for an absolutely phenomenal lunch!  Lori was an incredible cook!  She created absolute magic in that galley.  Over the next several blogs, you will get pictures and descriptions of some favorites!

It was time to hunt!  I got in my Sitka base and outer layers and put on my Simms waders.  I grabbed my 350 Rem Mag, 673 and got in the skiff.  We were on our way to hunt bears!!!!!!